Yes, killing some trees saves other trees, and we’ll explain how and why. But first, we must underline that today we celebrate Earth Day, thus defined in 1970, in the USA – nowadays, the Earth Day Network coordinates, the action in the 193 countries that recognize this special date.

This date pretends to raise a world consciousness towards Natures’s conservation, and this year the elected theme was the reduction of plastic use. Here you will find a challenge that Earth Day Network proposes: pledge to reduce plastic during next year, using a special calculator to help you. Very interesting!

Keen Tours celebrated Earth Day yesterday, when we joined na iniciative of local the NGO,  Quercus, together with Invasive Plants in Portugal project.

We publicized the event and gathered 7 voluntaries (we guaranteed insurance and transportation to whom needed it) to a very interesting activity in our home city.

Participants who weren’t aware of the massive problem invasive plants are began to understand the impact they have in the environment and economy in our country, as well as how difficult it is to fight them.

Next, we headed to the wood to kill some trees. We peeled Pittosporum undulatum (usually known as sweet pittosporum), and peeled and plucked Acacia dealbata (popularly known as Mimosa). It takes a bit of effort and patience, but it it easy to learn. The trees don’t due easily… they take several months to year to dry out, and then it is necessary to chop them down, keep plucking the sprouts, plant new species and alert to any reappearance – the Mimosa, for example, can accumulate thousands of seeds in the soil for years and reappear whenever it can cease the opportunity!

The action against invasive plant in Bom Jesus wood has been on for several years, and it requires the continuous work: it is necessary to cut down, peel, pluck the plants and then plant and continue to pluck their new twigs. And always making sure that the soil doesn’t get too exposed or too covered.

And that’s how we contribute to a more diverse wood on a long term, killing trees to save others!





Learn more about the Invasive Plants in Portugal project – it provides, on its website, a lot of information about invasive species in Portugal. It is important to understand what an invasive plant is, how to distinguish it from the native kinds and learn how to control and fight them. And everyone can help! Here you can learn a few tips on how be an active fighter as well as you can also help to map the acacia trees that are now blooming.

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