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Rita Barros

Rita grew up in Braga and has always had a close relation with Peneda-Gerês National Park. She graduated in Cultural Studies and, therefore, has a wide experience in temporary and low paid jobs that have nothing to do with Arts or Culture.

She chose Lisbon to complete her studies as an attempt to run away from Braga, but she was dragged back by Pedro in 2007. She has since made peace with her hometown.

At Keen Tours she works “backstage” handling the logistics and making sure that every tour goes as planned.

Pedro Casinhas

Pedro is a Geographer with a specialization in Geological Heritage and Geoconservation – it is easy to understand his attraction for the Peneda-Gerês National Park, since he was a child.

He definitely moved from Sintra to Braga in 2007 and since than he often takes refuge in the mountains, whether to hike, climb or simply soak in one of its pools.

He’s a guide by nature: he loves showing people around and always has fun-facts to share (feel free to poke him if he starts to sound too much like Sheldon Cooper).

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