We’re celebrating 2 incredible years of touring the most amazing people! Happy birthday to us!

Back when we started Keen Tours, we could not have imagined how many interesting people we would meet. Or figure how much we would learn from them.

We are so grateful to everyone who helped us build this mini company from scratch and to all the people that crossed our paths since then.
And we keep repeating: our clients are the best! They wouldn’t be as nice, interesting and funny if we had hand-picked them.

We can’t help but feel very proud and very lucky.
Our days are long and tiring, but we couldn’t imagine doing something else, right now.
All we want to do it keep sharing our beautiful Peneda-Gerês National Park and the pretty city of Braga with the world.

Thank you for being there for us.
Thank you for choosing us to guide you.
Thank you for being part of it.