We’re already living the Holy Week! Braga has on the most complex and popular Easter celebrations, which is experienced by its inhabitants with intensity.

We highly suggest a visit to Braga during Easter, when the city transforms in a massive stage to the many events carried out by the locals, re-enacting and renovating a tradition which started, at least, in the IVth century.

For Catholics, this is one the most important time of the year, and they are responsible for the events, décor and special ambiance in Braga this week.

For those who don’t practise this religion, it is an opportunity to observe and take part of the events that happen during this intense Easter week, during which is possible to visit churches and chapels that are closed during the rest of the year, watch various processions in different places, admire the decoration of the altars, to get delighted by religious art, to attend to several concerts all over the city… Everybody’s welcome.

The “farricocos”, that illustrate this post, are an ex-libris during Braga’s Easter celebrations. They are penitents that call for other siners to confess using they’re giant and loud ratchets that echoes through the streets, when the bells are silent, during the Holy Friday (that reminds people of Jesus Christ’s death).

They also accompany some of the processions, carrying torches. Traditionally, they’d dress solely a black cloth covering their faces and a rope by the waist, walking bare foot. They are very interesting figures that greatly help to create the ambience of this time.

Once talking about the Holy Friday: if you’re thinking about gong to a traditional restaurant on that day, be prepared to have your choices limited to fish. According to the catholic tradition, one should “fast” during that day, and the meat is excluded from the usual diet; fish, on the other hand, is tolerated. On Sunday, 2 days after, you’ll be able to eat the traditional roasted lamb.


Keen Tours can help you understand this extraordinary days better as well as to appreciate the most interesting details of this Holy Week or, in case you want a break from this theme, guide you in the city beyond it.

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Be surprised with the variety of History, Culture, Gastronomy, Architecture… There’s so much to discover in Braga! And Easter is a fabulous time to do it.


Photo by Jorge Barros