Yesterday Keen Tours joined Quercus’ iniciative “Vem ajudar a Reflorestar o Gerês” (something like ‘Come and help to reforest Gerês’).

The plantation of Pyrenean Oak (Quercus pyrenaica) and Common Oak (Quercus robur) aimed to replace those that didn’t resist to a forest fire last year, right above the São Bento da Porta Aberta Basilica.

These trees, that we hope manage to stand their ground (we’ll visit them from time to time to check their progress), are important to the spread of autochthonous forest and to stabilize the stepped slope, and, therefore, to protect the village underneath.

From a total of 450 plants, the 5 committed participants from Keen Tours planted 75!  We also started to clean up the ground from burned plant protectors and we managed to collect a significant amount of plastic.

We must thank Quercus for the initiative and to our companions for their precious help.

The tree plantation season ends now, so don’t wonder why our planted tree counter remain static until next Autumn.