The day that welcomes Spring we launch a new tour: Bioblitz in Gerês.

And whether you know what a Bioblitz is or never heard of this unique way to observe Nature you will want to try this tour!

Basically, Bioblitz is a flash recognition of life in a specific area in a few hours: the participants observe, photograph and list plants, animals, fungi… all the living being they can find, together with Biologists that share all the information they can about what we find. Usually it takes a few hours, but we managed to fit it in a relaxed full-day tour.

What do we suggest? Join us to explore the Peneda-Gerês National Park mountain ranges and spend the morning in one of its very special places to, under the guidance of Biologists from the University of Minho, observe all the life around us.

Spot birds, flowers, frogs, trees, ladybugs, moss…  and specialists will be there to help you discover even more… Feel, smell, learn, and take pictures of Nature all around. Doesn’t it sound great?

The remaining day will also fit the History of these territories, impressive villages, amazing landscapes and a delicious traditional lunch so you can taste different local delicacies and also the fresh green wine.

Keen to try this? And to bring the kids? Book your tour this Spring, a privileged season to observe fauna and flora multiplying, and don’t miss a detail thanks to the Biologists that will accompany us.

We promise a unforgettable day filled with Science and History. Observing Nature up close will grants you access to knowledge as well as beauty, and we’ll make sure you get loads of amazing photos of the best moments.

Include the Bioblitz in Gerês tour in your plans for the next sunny days! It’s perfect for the whole family.